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We believe the orbs, or Spirit emanations, are showing up in our photographs to jump start spiritual journeys. They are of a conscious, intelligent origin. When one notices them, questions are asked, answers are sought. The knowing within of higher and other dimensions of reality begins to blossom and glow with truth. People instinctively initiate a closer connection to The Creator of All That Is to Source. It becomes a domino effect of ascension of evolvement of the spirit to that of greater understanding, tolerance, peace and love.

In working with these Spirit emanations from a basis of love, healing permeates the planet of Mother Earth touching all human spirits. We believe healing will be widespread as we humanoids learn to work with the Infinite Energies of Spirit emanations.

There is already spiritual healing to be found in the Spirit emanation orbs as an unfolding evolvement into the reality of our angelic entourage.

We believe the Spirit emanations to be deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, fairies, guides and teachers as well as other energy life forms Infinite Energy. Are they thoughts?  Perhaps... Our thoughts are energy energy that we initiate while we are thinking and sleeping. We emit energy of some form in all moments. It is irresponsible of us to think that where we see nothing, there is nothing. Radio, TV, cell phone, microwave frequencies all exist, yet we do not see them. What else is around us that we do not see?


This year we got serious about photographing orbs.  In the process, we've learned what are NOT orbs.  Some are reflections, rain, dust, etc.  Some are even generated by computer programs.  To view these anomalies that are not orbs, please click into our Fakes Gallery.

Please click into our gallery of photographs:

Florence Scovel Shinn

Archangel Metatron
Big Jim The Great White Spirit Majik's Puppy Spirits
Pink Orb with the Fairy Big Jim Face in the Orb  


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